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Academic Success Center

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Online Writing Consultation

  • NFC students will receive a detailed review of their written assignment, such as a paragraph or an essay, regardless of the stage of the drafting process and subject.
  • ASC Tutors will not edit the written assignment, but will insert comments within the student's submission and address the student's most common grammar and mechanics issues.
  • An online writing consultation form must be submitted with every sample of your writing. A writing submission lacking a consultation form will not be revised until the consultation form is received.
  • Submitting an online writing consultation implies that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions established by the ASC Tutor Lab.

Please complete the following steps to submit a sample of your writing:

Step 1: Read and accept our terms and conditions.

Step 2: Complete our WRITING CONSULTATION FORMAttach your writing sample at the bottom of the form. Your Google account is your email.

Step 3 (optional): From your NFC email, send a new message to if you accidentally forgot to attach your paper to the form.