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Overview of Peer Tutoring Positions

Do you exhibit outstanding knowledge and skills in a particular subject? Do you have a natural predisposition for working with students? Do you have good communication skills and personality traits to work with diverse populations? Do you enjoy helping peers achieve academic success? Then, you may be just who we need!

Subjects: Peer Tutors can apply for (but may not be selected for) as many subjects as they want. To be approved to tutor in certain subjects, the ASC Tutor Lab Manager takes into account grades (B or higher), skills assessments, and instructor recommendations. Our highest demands are for Writing/English and Math. We also have demands for science tutors (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) and business tutors (accounting, computer applications, economics, etc.), but welcome tutors in other subjects as well (history, humanities, social sciences, Spanish, medical coding/billing, etc).

English Math Science Business Other subjects
History Algebra Anatomy & Physiology Accounting Spanish
Humanities Liberal Arts Math Astronomy Computer Applications Medical Billing/Coding
Literature Precalculus / Calculus Biology Economics Nursing
Social Sciences Statistics Chemistry Finance etc.
Speech Trigonometry Physics Management  


Printed applications can be picked up in-person from the Tutor Lab Manager's office (Building 4).

Digital applications are available by request. Call 850-973-9458 or email