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Academic Coaching vs Professional Tutoring FAQ

What is the difference between Academic Coaching and Professional Tutoring?

Academic coaching helps students focus on "the big picture" and the skills needed to navigate all rigorous college-level work, whereas professional tutoring helps students improve in particular skills in particular subjects.

Who is Professional Tutoring for?

Professional tutoring is for students whose tutoring needs aren't being met by the peer tutors, or who need tutoring in areas beyond the scope of the peer tutors (such as PERT / TABE preparation). Professional Tutors can help you master a particular skill in a particular subject.

Who is Academic Coaching for?

Academic coaching is for any student struggling with study skills (such as time-management or note-taking), or who is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of college academics. Or, maybe you're doing fine in your classes and just want some tips for best practices throughout your college career. An Academic Coach can help you build the skills needed to succeed here at NFC.

What is the difference between Academic Advising and Academic Coaching?

Academic Advisors serve to keep you on track regarding NFC's requirements. Academic Coaches, on the other hand, can help you build the skills needed to do so.

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