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Online Writing Consultation

ASC Online Writing Consultation

  • Submitting an essay to an ASC Peer or Professional Tutor implies that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions established by the ASC Tutor Lab.
  • NFC students will receive a detailed review of their written assignment, such as a paragraph or an essay, regardless of the stage of the drafting process and subject.
  • ASC Tutors will not edit the written assignment, but will insert comments within the student's submission and address the student's most common grammar and mechanics issues.
  • An online writing consultation form must be submitted with every sample of your writing. A writing submission lacking a consultation form will not be reviewed until the consultation form is received.
  • Once your writing sample has been sent back to you as a Microsoft Word document, you must download the document, go to the "Review" tab, and make sure "show comments" and "simple markup" are chosen in order to correctly see the tutor's comments/highlights (as shown in the image below):