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Helpful Links and Resources

This is a guide with helpful links and resources for new and current students.

Applying for FAFSA

Federal Application

Students who wish to apply for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and are encouraged to complete the FAFSA on-line at FAFSA Online. Though a paper application is available, applying online is faster. Should you choose to file on-line, you need to print the signature page and send it to the address listed to complete your application process with the Federal processor. Remember, do not send the signature page to the school, but do send it to the Federal processor.

Next-County Waiver Information

Next county waivers are available for students who reside in the following Georgia counties: Brooks, Echols, Lowndes, and Thomas. For information on next county waivers, please contact Financial Aid at 850-973-1621.

Admissions Requirements

Admission Requirements

In addition to completing the FAFSA, new students to NFC must also be fully admitted to a degree seeking or certificate program as a regular student. Students are encouraged to complete this process early as it will speed up the delivery of their financial aid. Transfer students should see the special section on this site for requirements you must meet. New first time freshmen should make sure NFC receives proof of your graduation as soon as possible upon your completion of your senior year. Students who take the General High School Equivalency Diploma (GED), should submit their scores to NFC for posting to your file.

Summer Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid

Summer Pell

Federal Pell Grants are available for summer, even if you have previously used the initial amount for which you were eligible. The US Department of Education has authorized institutions to award up to 150% of the Federal Pell Grant for which a student qualifies in an award year.  Most students will need to enroll in at least six eligible hours to qualify for the additional funds. A limited number of students, who did not fully utilize their Federal Pell Grant in the Fall and/or Spring Semesters, may qualify for a less than half-time Federal Pell Grant. Students who have reached their Federal Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Usage cannot receive further Federal Pell Grant Funds.

Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarships

Students are required to report all scholarships received from sources other than NFC to the Financial Aid Office. This is required by the Federal Government, and the funds received will be included toward the student’s need for financial aid.

Address Updates


Students applying for, and receiving financial aid are required to keep their current address in the College computer data base. Corrections to your address can be made in Enrollment Services.

Receiving Aid

Receiving Aid


Once a student’s financial aid application is complete, the student application is reviewed for eligibility. If the student demonstrates need, a financial aid award is issued. All awards are estimates based on information that the student has provided and the actual receipt of funds from the Federal and State Governments, or scholarship sources. If a student’s Expected Family Contribution changes at any point, or if the student’s enrollment status (full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time, less-than-half-time) changes, the student award package is subject to change.


Students must be enrolled at least half-time to receive most forms of financial aid. The exception to this is the Federal Pell Grant where a student in some cases can be enrolled less than half-time. There are programs that require a student to enroll full-time to be eligible. It is important for students to review the funds they have been awarded to determine the enrollment status necessary for receipt of funds.

Admission Status

Students must be fully admitted in a degree seeking or certificate program before aid can be credited. Transfer students must have final transcripts from all previously attended institutions submitted to NFC and they must be evaluated and posted to the student’s academic history, and the student must meet NFC’s Standards for Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid before aid can be awarded. If a student’s admission status changes for any reason during the term, the student may be required to refund all or part of their financial aid.


Students who receive financial aid funds that exceed the cost of tuition, fees and any book charges against account, may be eligible for a financial aid refund. All student charges, including books, are taken from the funds available to a student.

As refunds are issued after all student accounts are fully paid, and after funds have been received by NFC from the various agencies, and as no refunds are issued for at least ten business days after the drop/add period, students are encouraged to secure funding to pay for living expenses for the first two months of class. No emergency money for living expense will be issued on expected financial aid or on financial aid applied for late during this period. Be prepared to meet personal expenses during the two-month period.

Paying Fees

How can I pay my fees?

Payments will be accepted in the form of cash, personal check, cashier's check, money order, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

  • Online Payments: Students may also pay tuition and fees through NFC's NEW online payment system by logging onto the NFC Information Network. Visit online payment instructions.
  • Checks or money orders can be mailed to: North Florida College, Business Office
    NW Turner Davis Drive, Madison, FL 32340, (850) 973-1610
  • Students may also pay fees over the phone by contacting the Business Office at 850-973-1610.

Students can also take advantage of NFC's Enroll Pay Later Plan, which enables students to pay for tuition and fees in affordable, interest free payments during the term. Get more information about NFC's Payment Plan.

Payment Due Dates:

Fees payment deadlines are assigned according to the date of registration. Deadlines are published in the Schedule of Courses each term.

Third Party Billing

You are a third party billing student if your fees are paid by a sponsor (employer, an off-campus source, or Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program). If you are a third party billing student, you must take a copy of your registration form to the Office of the Dean of Administrative Services, along with an authorization to bill, to complete the registration process. Florida Prepaid program students must submit a copy of their prepaid card. Failure to do so may cause your registration to be cancelled.

Online Payments

NFC Students can pay tuition online!

NFC students can now make tuition payments safely and securely through the convenience of the internet using a credit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo.  From NFC Website: Online Payments

Online Tuition & Fee Payment Instructions

  • On your MyNFC portal
  • Select the Ellucian Banner icon and log in
  • Click on “Student”
  • Click on “Student Records”
  • Click on “Account Summary by Term”
  • Review your charges
  • Select “Pay Online” (link is located on the bottom right of screen)
  • Select the term for which payment is to be made
  • Enter the amount to be paid
  • Select Pay by Credit
  • Enter credit card information (all fields must be completed)
  • Click on “Continue Credit Card Payment”
  • Review payment information and click “Complete Credit Card Transaction”
  • We recommend that you close out your web browser at the end of your transaction.

Experiencing technical difficulties?

Email NFC Computer Services 

If you are experiencing technical difficulties please contact NFC Computer Services at or call (850) 973.1672.

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Interest FREE! Tuition Payment Plan

NFC has an easy way for students to pay tuition - the NFC Tuition Payment Plan. The payment plan allows students to pay tuition fees in affordable, interest-free payments during the term.

How it works

  • Students will be required to make payments during the semester, with all fees to be paid in full prior to the designated final date to withdraw without penalty
  • Students must sign a note of obligation, indicating the payment schedule and documenting their responsibility to pay all fees
  • Students will be informed in writing on the note that unless fees are paid in full prior to the designated final date to withdraw without penalty, they will be withdrawn from all courses with no refunds given.
  • Students will be required to make a down payment and to pay a processing fee: Students paying ½ down will be charged a $20 processing fee; Students paying ¼ down will be charged a $35 processing fee. The processing fee will be due on the date the agreement is signed.
  • Students will be required to set up payments which correspond with their income source(s).
  • Invoices will be sent only twice during each semester. One invoice will be sent after the close of the drop-add period. A final invoice will be sent two weeks prior to the final date to withdraw without penalty, reminding the students that they will not receive credit for courses if fees are not paid in full within two weeks from the invoice date.
  • Students who do not complete this payment process in a timely manner will not be allowed to participate in the payment plan process a second term and will not be eligible for scholarships through NFC or the NFC Foundation, Inc.