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Applying to NFC

General Admissions Steps

Enrollment Checklist

If this PDF is unavailable visit the Admissions page at this link: Admissions

Program Specific Requirements

Program Specific Admissions Steps

The admission requirements for the following programs vary slightly from the steps listed above. Some programs have additional program applications or requirements and deadlines that must be met.

Non-Degree Seeking

  • If you are taking classes for personal enrichment, non-credit, and not seeking a degree or certificate, you do not need to request your high school or college transcripts.

Child Care Center Director or Early Childhood Professional Certificate

  • Complete all steps in the General section above except note the following regarding transcripts. Request your official high school/GED transcript -OR- request one official college transcript that shows an associates or higher degree awarded. (Students taking classes toward the AA degree must request all transcript as noted in the Main section above.)
  • Review the program information page and contact an advisor to determine the best classes for your goals.

Commercial Vehicle Driver (CDL)

  • Complete all steps in the General section above except no transcripts are required. A high school diploma is not required for the CDL program.
  • Review the program information page for deadlines, orientation dates, and advisor contact.

Emergency Medical Services: EMT or Paramedic

  • Complete all steps in General section above
  • Review program information page for program application, deadlines, and advisor contact

Public Safety: Corrections or Law Enforcement

  • Review program information page and contact the Public Safety Academy
  • Take and pass the CJBAT exam
  • Complete all steps in General section above

Registered Nursing, LPN to RN Bridge, or Practical Nursing

  • Complete all steps in the General section above
  • Review program information page for deadlines, prerequisite requirements, and advisor contact

Bachelor Science in Nursing

  • Complete all steps in the General section above except note the following.
  • A $30 application fee is due each time you apply.
  • Request your official high school transcript only if using it to prove foreign language completed.
  • Request all of your official college transcripts.
  • Review program information page for deadlines, prerequisites, and advisor contact


For detailed information on the programs of study available at NFC visit the link here: Programs of Study (

Admissions FAQ

How do I apply online for admission to NFC?

New students and students who haven’t attended NFC in over a year need to apply for admission. Dual enrolled high school students must apply to attend after high school. You may apply online here.

I started an online application and forgot my password. How do I get back in?

You create a Login ID and PIN when you start the online Application for Admission. The Login and PIN are only used for the online application. If you fully submitted your application, you will receive instructions by email for setting up your MyNFC portal, which is different from your online application account. If you didn’t finish your online application and need back in, you may call Admissions at 850-973-1622 or 850-973-9405 for help with your login name, but we will not know the password you created. You may also start your application over by creating a new account.

I applied online, but haven't heard anything. What do I do now?

Check the email account you provided on your online application and see if you received a confirmation immediately after tapping submit. If you didn’t get that email, your application might not be fully complete. This link may help you resolve the most common error. After you fully submit your Application, our staff usually process it within three business days and email you with your student ID and instructions to set up your MyNFC account. Follow the steps in that email to setup your MyNFC account and check for admission holds. If you don’t receive the admission email after three business days, email Admissions with your full name so we can check the status.

I submitted my application and received my admission email/letter, but what do I do now?

Follow the instructions in the admission email/letter to activate your MyNFC account. Then login to Ellucian Banner from your MyNFC portal and check for holds by going to Student –> Student Records –> Registration Status. You may also use the Enrollment Checklist to guide you through your next steps or find whom to contact with questions.

What if I forgot my MyNFC username or password?

Reset your account by selecting “Reset/Forgot Password” on the My NFC page. Additional help is on the My NFC Support page of the portal.

I see a hold on my student account. What does it mean?

Here are descriptions of common holds:

  • High School Transcript – We do not have your high school transcript. Contact your high school to request it.
  • College Transcript – We do not have your college transcript. Contact your college to request it.
  • Testing – May also show as test pending transcript. The program you applied to requires a test. Click here for more info about testing.
  • Residency Not Proven – May also show Need FRD-1 Form or Need document. We do not have your residency form or all supporting documents. Visit this page for the form and help completing it: Residency Declaration.
  • Web Hold for Advising – May also show as First Term Advising or Program Advising. Contact an advisor at 850-973-1737 or email Advising to schedule an appointment.

How do I fill out and submit my residency declaration?

Our Residency Declaration has the form and instructions for completing it. Return completed forms to Academic Calendar. Changes to residency after the add/drop deadline are considered reclassification's and will be effective at the beginning of the following term.

How do I submit my transcripts?

Contact the previous school you attended to request your official transcript to be sent electronically to NFC for fastest processing. Electronic delivery: school code 001508 or Admissions; or mail to North Florida College Admissions, 325 NW Turner Davis Dr., Madison, FL 32340; or deliver in original unopened/sealed envelope to building #3 or the locked drop box near the sidewalk between buildings #2 and #3. You may also drop off the transcript at the Live Oak Location.

Can I turn in documents at the college?

Admission documents such as residency declaration, application, transcripts, etc. may be dropped off at the locked drop box located near the sidewalk between buildings #2 and #3. Transcripts will be official only if they are in the original, sealed envelope provided by the school. During normal business operations, admission documents may be submitted in building #3, or at the Live Oak Location. Monitor the NFC Alerts page for info. about campus closures and we recommend calling before you come. Admissions 850-973-1622 or 850-973-9405. Live Oak Location 386-364-5093 or 386-364-5440.

What classes are you offering this term?

The schedule is available online here.

When does class start? Can I still register?

The academic calendar shows important dates for the term. The calendar is found here.

Can I get a copy of my schedule?

Your schedule is available on Ellucian Banner on your MyNFC portal. Select Student –> Registration Status –> Student Detail Schedule. Tip: to print your schedule, try tapping Ctrl-P. If you still need assistance, contact Admissions.

Why is my tuition higher than I expected?

There are several reasons to consider.

  • Residency status undetermined - The most common reason is because students have yet to return their residency declaration and supporting documents to the Office of Admissions.
  • Georgia Residents - If you live in one of our surrounding Georgia counties (Brooks, Echols, Lowndes, or Thomas) the next county waiver might not be applied. This is an extra step that has to happen after you register each term. Email Financial Aid with your name and Student ID/G# and ask them to review your bill.
  • Third Attempts - Your tuition will be higher if you are attempting a class for a third time. You may speak with your academic advisor about submitting a petition for exemption from full cost of instruction. Your petition may or may not be approved by the dean.
  • Repeating a Passed Course – You may be registered in a non-repeatable class for which you have already earned a grade of “C” or higher. Most classes are not repeatable. Review your schedule carefully and contact your academic advisor if you have questions.

I registered, but why doesn't my class show in D2L?

There are several reasons to consider:

  • Class Start Date - Classes open in D2L on the first day of class. Login on the first day of class to review the content, including the syllabus and first week assignments. It is important that you complete these first assignments or you may be dropped from class for not participating.
  • Bill Unpaid – Tuition and fees are due by the deadline published in the College Calendar and the date will show on your schedule/bill. If your tuition is not paid or secured in full with financial aid, you may be dropped for non-payment. Contact the Business Office at 850-973-1610 to pay fees by phone or ask about getting reinstated before the deadline.
  • Instructor Drops – Instructors verify initial attendance during the first few days of class. If you don’t complete the first assignments in your class, your instructor may report you as a no show and dropped from the class. If you believe this happened in error, contact your instructor to ask if they made a mistake and if they will allow you back in. Your instructor will need to contact the Office of Enrollment Services to request that you get reinstated.

How do I order my textbooks?

NFC has a Virtual Bookstore. You will need your class schedule when you look up your books. Retrieve your class schedule on Ellucian Banner from your MyNFC portal (Student – Registration Status – Student Detail Schedule).

When does the next program start?

You can begin the Associate in Arts degree and most Associate in Science degrees any term. Spring begins in January, Summer begins in May, and Fall begins in August. Some other programs may begin at other times and their next starting dates and application periods will be posted online. Check the webpage linked below. Contact information is also on the pages:

I want to take an Early Childhood Education class. Which class do I need?

Visit the Early Childhood Education program page for details about your options and for contact information for the program coordinator.

Whom do I contact with specific questions about a program?

Most NFC programs have pages with program details that may answer your questions. Contact information for the program is in the Contact info. on the program pages. An academic advisor may also help you and can be reached at 850-973-1737 or email Admissions.

Residency Form Instructions

Page-by-Page Help for FRD-1 Residency Form

Page 1: Student fills out name, date of birth, and their citizenship status.
To qualify as a Florida resident, the student must be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident alien, or a nonimmigrant in a visa classification that grants them the legal ability to establish a bona fide domicile in the U.S. See the FRD-1 form for more details.

Page 2: Indicate the term you will start attending NFC and determine if the student is dependent or independent. If student is over age 24, student is independent and will fill out the rest of the form. If student is under age 24, student is dependent and a parent fills out the rest of the form. A student under age 24 can generally be independent if they can provide one of the following. See the FRD-1 form for more details.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Prior year tax return showing they claimed a dependent child, or their child’s birth certificate
  • Prior year tax return showing they have income to support themselves (minimum of $6392)
  • Evidence the student is an active duty military service member or Veteran (ex. DD-214 or military orders
  • Evidence the student is a ward of the court

Page 3: If the student is dependent, a parent is the “claimant” and the student is the “claimant” if they are independent. The claimant fills in their name, address, and date they moved to Florida. Then they provide two documents that the claimant was issued at least 12 months prior to the first day of classes. The most common documents are:

  • Driver’s License
  • Voter Registration
  • Vehicle Registration
  • See page 4 of the FRD-1 form for list of other acceptable documents

Step 4: The claimant signs page 4.

The links for the simplified versions of the residency declarations and the original residency declarations are hyperlinked below.

Simplified Florida Residency Declaration Form 

Extended Florida Residency Declaration Form

Simplified Non-Florida Residency Declaration Form

Extended Non-Florida Residency Declaration Form

Change of Data Information

Students that need to change their contact information or last name should contact the Admissions Office at 850-973-1622 or 850-973-9405.

They may complete a Change of Data form in building 3 to request this change, or they can email from their student email asking to change their data.


Complete and submit a Florida Residency Declaration. Students can complete the simplified version of the Florida Residency Declaration form by clicking the links below. Documents used for residency must be obtained by the claimant at least one year prior to the start of classes for the term they are enrolling in. If the claimant does not have two of the three documents requested in the simplified Florida Residency Declaration, they can fill out the extended Florida Residency Declaration instead. If the claimant completes the extended Florida Residency Declaration form, they need to provide at least one document from List A of Acceptable Documents. The links for the simplified versions of the residency declarations and the original residency declarations are hyperlinked below.

Simplified Florida Residency Declaration Form 

Extended Florida Residency Declaration Form

Simplified Non-Florida Residency Declaration Form

Extended Non-Florida Residency Declaration Form